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  • What about Business Manager VISA

    A Business Manager VISA is necessary to start a business in Japan, and to get this VISA, you have to establish a company first. With 100% financing from foreign nationals, it is possible to establish a company for various purposes because there are no particular foreign capital regulations in Japan.


    In the past, there was a definite condition for establishing a company which stated that at least one of the presidents had to be a resident of Japan, but this rule was abolished when the law changed in 2015. It is now possible to both establish a company while you are living overseas and to get a Business Manager VISA.

    Furthermore, if you already have a VISA and would like to change this to a Business Manager VISA, it is also possible to do so and start a business of any kind by meeting two criteria: investing over 5,000,000 yen and setting up a corporation.


    After forming a company, you have to report a settlement of accounts and other necessary documents to the tax office. Furthermore, it is very difficult for foreigners who can’t read or write Japanese to draw up these documents owing to the fact that there are so many small details. Besides this, there are no English language services available at the tax office. Fortunately, though, we can provide one-stop service providing many things from establishing a company to getting a VISA to dealing with the tax office. (When it comes to dealing with the tax office, our trusted tax accountant partner will take on this responsibility.)


    Additionally, we have various other partners including stockbrokers, investment bankers, construction business operators, traders, etc, with whom we can arrange and seek synergic connections for new businesses. These are just some of the strengths of our company.



  • Flow of Procedures

    The minimum requirements for getting a Business Manager VISA are as follows:

    1. Securing an office in Japan.


    2. Establishing a corporation. (Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Stock Company (Inc.))


    3. Acquiring over 5,000,000 yen in company investments (including loans).


    (Please note: In Japan limited liability companies are referred to as GK, and stock companies are referred to as KK.)


    The time necessary for establishing a company depends on how busy the Bureau of Judicial Affairs is, but it usually takes about three weeks for an Inc. and one week for an LLC. After setting up a company, the next step is to apply for a Business Manager VISA, and this can take up to as many as two months. (This depends on each unique case, but, for general cases, this is the standard.)


    The main similarities between an LLC and an Inc. are as follows:


    1. Tax system: They share the same tax system (corporation tax).


    2. Liability: They both have limited liability.


    The main differences between an LLC and an Inc. are as follows:


    1. Establishment costs: It costs around 340,000 yen to establish an Inc. and around 200,000 yen for the establishment of a LLC.


    2. Title of president: The president is called a representative director in an Inc. and a representative partner in a LLC.


    3. Investment from VC (venture capital) : A limited liability company has no concept of listing because it does not issue shares. There are also cases of discordance between the ratio of investment and voting rights because there is no stockholder's equality principle like in a stock company. For this reason, it is difficult to accept investments compared to a stock company. Moreover, if receiving a third party allotment from venture capital, a stock company has the advantage over a limited liability company.




    Completing Articles of Incorporation is the most important issue when it comes to establishing a company. Therefore, for an Inc. it is essential to go to the public notary office to have the articles of incorporation drawn up and notarized. (Because of this, an Inc. can take more time to process than a LLC.)


    Required documents from the client


    1. In case of an Inc.: A stockholder certificate and the certificate of the board member's seal registration (one of each) are required. (If there are more than two board members, both the certificate and seal registrations are required from each member as well as certificates of residence.)


    2. In case of a LLC: Only the certificate of the board member's seal registration is required.


    Note: Concerning points #1 and #2 above, in case you can't get a certificate of this seal registration because you don't have official residence in Japan, you have to submit proof of your home address and proof of signature from your country's authorities instead.


    If for any reasons you would like to establish a company more quickly, we have a special service for processing preferentially. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to this service.

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